Friday, November 30, 2012

More Wedding...

Here are some more pictures, thanks to Bud, Mike and Danielle!

Chad and Noah with the Surprenants in the background.

Danielle and Katie

Danny and his daughter, Danielle

Danny and Margaret 

Cake!  And nice dress, Tess!

Ellie and her grandaughters, Katie, Megan and Danielle

MJ's grandchildren!

The newly engaged couple, Greg and Tami 
Greg Ostrowski 

 Treetie and Ian

Katie, Ellie and Danielle

Katie dancing with her brother Josh

Beautiful picture of Katie!

Leo, Floyd, Noah, Doris, Ian, Bernadette and Tess

Mike Ostrowski

Muscle man Mike!

We think that is Greg's rabbit ears over Jon!

 Brothers, Steve and Dave

The Lost Walleye Orchestra

Our tables!  Thanks to all who helped set up!

One last family picture!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I titled that for Meredith...

Here are the pictures I have received so far.  Please send or post more if you have them!

This is my only aisle/church shot so far!  Thanks to Kathleen.

The dance was nice - and I loved the band - but it is a little weird being the only people dancing!

What a wonderful picture of Greg and Tami!

And a very nice picture of the jolly Surprenant-Barkers!

Here we are with mi madre!  I like this one!

The same shot from two different cameras!

I was proud of my babies!

There they are.

You can tell these were taken a little later in the evening!

Mom and us kids.

The Surprenant/Ostrowski/Barker/Tuggle adults.

The whole darn shootin' match.


Dave and his brothers and mom!

Me and Dave and my new brothers- and mother-in-law!

MJ in all her glory!

We were so happy Bud could join us!

And Conor was there too!  My second son!

We had a wonderful time!  Thank you all for helping and joining us!